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forteana's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
The Forteana LJ community. For those interested in all kinds of paranormal or just plain bizarre phenomena, including examples of pure human stupidity. Basically, anything that might be discussed in the Fortean Times is acceptable here.

Members can post news items and personal experiences, or start discussions about anything that falls under the community's rubric. Welcome!
alchemy, alien abductions, alien big cats, aliens, ancient astronauts, angelology, angels, animal sabotage, arcana, area 51, atlantis, ball lightning, bigfoot, cattle mutilation, charles fort, chupacabra, conspiracy theories, crop circles, cryptids, cryptozoology, cults, demonology, divine intervention, dragons, early explorers, earth mysteries, edgar cayce, elizabeth bathory, esoterica, esp, extra senses, extra sensory perception, faeries, feral children, flying saucers, folklore, fortean phenomena, fortean times, fortean zoology, forteana, freemasons, ghost ships, ghosts, ghostwatch, haunted houses, hauntings, high strangeness, hoaxes, human sacrifice, hypnagogia, hysterical epidemics, jack the ripper, john dee, joseph of copertino, kaspar hauser, kraken, lake monsters, loch ness monster, machu picchu, magic, magick, medical anomalies, miracles, mothman, mutants, mysteries, mysterious disappearances, mysticism, mystics, mythology, naga, near-death experiences, necronauts, nessie, new science, nicholas flamel, nostradamus, oak island, oddities, order of the garter, out-of-place animals, padre pio, pagan practices, paracelsus, paranormal events, parapsychology, perpetual motion, phantom zooforms, poltergeists, premonitions, prophecy, psychics, psychogeography, racial memory, reincarnation, relics, remote viewing, roswell, sainthood, saints, scientific mysteries, sea monsters, sea serpents, secret experiments, secret technology, serial killers, seti, spiritualism, spontaneous human combustion, springheeled jack, stigmata, stigmatics, strange days, strange deaths, superstition, the afterlife, the alien autopsy, the beast of bodmin, the bible code, the darwin awards, the flying dutchman, the fortean times, the kraken, the loch ness monster, the mary celeste, the mothman, the occult, the paranormal, the philosopher's stone, the rosicrucians, the seattle monolith, the turin shroud, the wicker man, time travel, traditional medicine, ufology, ufos, unexplained phenomena, unlikely coincidences, unlimited free energy, urban legends, urban myths, vampires, vlad dracul, voodoo, weirdness, werewolves, winged cats, witchcraft, yetis